Defensive Driving

The Defensive Driving Course is a program developed by the Canada Safety Council which teaches drivers how to avoid collisions despite the actions of other drivers. The course includes case studies, interactive class discussion, and specific techniques to avoid all types of collisions. Throughout the 6-hour program, drivers will learn

  • The principles of defensive driving
  • Collision avoidance techniques
  • The six adverse driving conditions
  • The time-interval formula
  • The habitual eye-lead time technique
  • The pre-trip mental inventory
  • Coping with the aggressive driver
  • Preventing driver distraction

Last year, over 2900 Canadians died in vehicle collisions; 85% were caused by improper driving and could have been prevented. The Defensive Driving Course will provide drivers with all the tools necessary for collision avoidance and for life-long safe-driving habits.

All of our employees are certified by the Canada Safety Council as Defensive Driving Course instructors. Mike Simpkins Sr. is also certified as a Professional Defensive Driving instructor.

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