Advanced Training

Ride like an Expert...

Our advanced motorcycle training programs are available to riders from beginners to experienced; those wanting to learn how to utilize the full potential of their motorcycles.

Learn from the Experts!

Miles Ahead advanced motorcycle training programs are intense and demanding for all levels of riding. Upon graduation from our advanced rider programs, students will be able to utilize the full potential of their motorcycles, and with continued practice, attain the highest skill level of street riding in the world today.

Our Advanced I and II Motorcycle Training programs are tailored from Police Motorcycle Training; and all training exercises are set to police or competition standards. 

  • Advanced Handling Certification
  • Advanced I Motorcycle Certification
  • Advanced II Motorcycle Certification

Note: These courses are not basic rider training courses, however basic rider training instructors are welcome to enroll.

Our advanced training programs consist of low speed and road speed exercises to develop the riders skill level and confidence. Our programs demand precise manuvering at both low speed and road speed utilizing the full potential of the individual and the motorcycle. We teach variations of low-speed torque, emergency road-speed braking, obstacle evasion, proper road-speed curve negotiation, multiple surface riding/braking, evasive swerve manuvering, low speed precision riding, how to raise a downed 800+ pound motorcycle and much more!

Riders are guaranteed to increase their skill, confidence and overall riding abilities.

 Riders must have:

  • A valid motorcycle endorsement
  • A DOT or Snell approved helmet
  • Heavy leather jacket
  • Full finger gloves
  • Boots that cover the ankle
  • Eye protection
  • Heavy Jeans
  • Long sleeve shirt 
  • Rain suit (optional)

Miles Ahead Instructors are certified professional motorcycle instructors. 

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