Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we need to bring any materials to the class?

    No, you are not required to bring any materials to the class although you may take supplementary notes if you want.

  • What equipment is needed for motorcycle training?

    For our on-course portion, riders will be required to wear all the protective equipment that SGI requires. For new riders in the MGDL program, this includes:

    • A helmet, either a 3-quarter, modular, or full-face helmet with any of the following certifications ANSI, BSI, CSA, DOT, Snell or ECE
    • Gloves that cover the fingers
    • Boots that cover the ankle
    • Arm and leg coverings (a riding jacket is advised)
    • Eye protection if a visor is not used (sunglasses that fit under the helmet are also recommend)

    we also request that riders dress weather appropriate, we typically keep running whether its hot, cold, rain or shine.

  • Can I take an earlier online class so that I can travel to Moose Jaw on the night before the class?

    Yes, we can accommodate you by having you take the online class portion at another time prior to the course. Send us an email at and we can send you out an invitation for a different meeting time.

  • What is meant by a remote learning environment?

    We use the Zoom application as our remote learning environment. The Zoom application is available for almost all computers and mobile devises. You can download the free Zoom application for your device at the Download Center - Zoom

  • How do I get on a wait list for an earlier class if there is a cancelation?

    The only way to get onto a waiting list for a cancelation is to register and comment that you would like to come sooner if available or to contact us directly. Preference is given to those who register first.

  • How much notice do I have to give for cancelations?

    In order to secure a full refund (less a $50 per person administration fee) we ask for at least 16 days notice in writing. If less than 16 days notice is given from the original start date of the course than no refund will be given.

  • Do you administer the SGI written exams?

    Although our staff is eligible to administer SGI’s written examinations for driver education, SGI does not allow us to host any Class 6 written motorcycle examinations for SGI as this would cause us to have an unfair competitive advantage over all the other Saskatchewan motorcycle training providers that do not have equivalently trained staff.

  • Do I need to complete the SGI written exams before taking the New Rider Training course?

    No, you do not have to complete the SGI written exams before taking the course. They can be completed before or after the course

  • Do you take E-transfers?

    Yes, we do accept electronic transfers. Contact if you would like to use an E-transfer as a form of payment. To manually register individuals who E-transfer we will need the following information: first and last name, email, phone number, and SGI customer number.

  • Can I store my motorcycle overnight between the days on the track?

    You may store your motorcycle at the track by our equipment container. We hire security to watch the grounds overnight until the class the next morning. However, even though we have had no incidents in the past, we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items left at the track.

  • If my motorcycle gets damaged on the course who pays for the damages?

    By bringing your own motorcycle you assume full responsibility of damages sustained throughout the course. We advise all individuals who bring their own motorcycle to have their motorcycle insured in some capacity. For more information see our Terms & Conditions as well as our Release of Liability.

  • How do I get my motorcycle to the course without a licence?

    There are a variety of options including trailering your motorcycle, loading it into the back of a truck, or have someone with a motorcycle endorsement ride it over for you.

  • Can I get into an earlier class if there is a cancelation?

    If there is a cancelation, we ask existing registrants if they might want to come sooner before re-opening the spot to the public. If you wish to come sooner in the event of a cancelation let us know in advance by making note of it in the registration form.

  • Do you offer training for 3 wheeled motorcycles?

    We do provide 3-wheeled motorcycle (trike) training under the New Rider Training course however we do not allow 3-wheeled vehicles that retain a side-by-side designation.

  • If I bring a smaller motorcycle to the course, will SGI restrict me to under 400cc?

    Under SGI’s current regulations there are no capacity restrictions for individuals who complete an SGI approved motorcycle training course such as ours. However, our stance is that if you take training on a motorcycle considerably smaller than you intend to ride then the training will not have completely or accurately prepared you for the road.

  • Will it be a problem to learn on a large motorcycle?

    If you plan to ride a large motorcycle on the street once you get your licence, you should learn how to ride it before hitting the streets. We have had individuals bring both large capacity and heavy motorcycles to our course and be successful, although they can be more cumbersome.

  • What size of motorcycle do you recommend I take the course on?

    We advise individuals to train on motorcycles similar in size, weight, and capacity to those they intend to ride on the streets.

  • I want to rent a motorcycle, but it doesn’t give me the option; how do I rent a motorcycle?

    If the motorcycle registration form does not allow for the selection of a motorcycle rental, then the motorcycles we provide and rent out are all rented out for that class session. In this case, you would have to register for an alternative date.

  • What size of motorcycles do you offer for your courses?

    We have a wide selection of motorcycles from a variety of manufactures. The New Rider Training motorcycles range from 500cc to 900cc, for our more advanced training courses we reserve the opportunity to rent motorcycles up to and as large as our 103ci (1688cc) Harley-Davidson Police Road King.

  • Where is the training located?

    Miles Ahead is based out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Our on-the-track training is located at the Town ‘n’ Country Mall parking lot, while classroom training is completed remotely.

  • Do you supply motorcycles?

    Those looking to take motorcycle training from us have the option to rent and use one of our motorcycles for the training or the option to bring and use their own motorcycle for the training.

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