Took the motorcycle course in June, had no experience with bikes prior. They were so helpful and so encouraging. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, I would recommend this course to everyone.

Rachael Perchie - 2022 [Google]

I was a brand new rider, never rode a motorcycle in my life. They did an excellent job ensuring everyone road a bike suited for them. Bikes were all very good quality bikes and well maintained. The training was excellent. Anytime anyone was struggling some was quick to point out the mistake and help you correct them no matter how long it took so long as you were willing to continue trying. They also don't just teach the basics, in the course they also teach you a few extras that will greatly benefit you on the road. Would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to take the course, experienced or not.

Jonathan Richard - 2022 [Google]

This is the best thing you can do weather you are a beginner, or have experience on a motorcycle. Every instructor was very friendly, fun, and great at making sure everything is understood, learned, and practiced until it can be executed correctly and confidently.
Despite having a full group of riders, each instructor will get to know you and your skill level to understand what you need, and to be able to constantly push you further as you progress. You will constantly feel pushed, pressured to improve, and as soon as you do they will find a way to throw something new at you.
Very glad I chose this course, and these instructors.

Leland Millham - 2022 [Google]

Awesome group of instructors!!!
I learned so much from this training and it was a blast!
They push you out of your comfort zone with patience, kindness and laughs!
I am anxiety girl and they made me feel confident that I could get er done! ... and I did!
Another ✔️ off my bucket list. Can't wait to hit the road 👍
Thanks again.

GiGi Foo - 2022 [Facebook]

I could never thank u guys enough. Mike, Jr., Josh and Scotty, you guys are one of a kind. You’re fun, patient and really take the time to figure out your students. Scotty, you put me in tears and made me really look at the way I was beating myself up over the small stuff (Jr. you too lol). I formed some real bonds over the past 2 days and for this I am eternally grateful. When I’m in Moose Jaw again I will make sure to visit ❤️

Natalina Wilson - 2022 [Facebook]



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