Whether you've been riding for years or have recently completed our New Rider Training and want to kick it up a gear, the Tune-Up course is for you. Transitioning beyond the fundamentals, this course delves into many of the more demanding topics, offering riders increased control and confidence on the road.

Personalized Instruction

At Miles Ahead Motorcycle Training, we recognize that every rider is unique, with individual goals and areas for improvement. That's why we encourage participants to share their specific goals, objectives and interests with us at the start of the course. Whether you're aiming to enhance your stability, prepare for a road test, or tackle a particular aspect of motorcycle control, we'll tailor the instruction to meet your needs. By customizing the training experience to align with your objectives, our instructors can provide targeted guidance and support, helping you achieve tangible results and unlock new levels of skill and confidence.

What you can expect to learn

The Tune-Up offers comprehensive instruction in a variety of aspects of motorcycle riding and safety, crafted to address the diverse needs and aspirations of participants. Popular topics include (but not limited to): tactics for defensive riding, recognizing and addressing dangerous situations, handling emergencies, navigating challenging settings, mastering different road surfaces, group riding etiquette and communication, slow-speed stability, precision riding, high-speed mobility, negotiating curves at speed, and optimal head and eye placement.

On-course portion

Many of the on-course exercises are designed to simulate real-world road scenarios, allowing riders to practice tactical defensive techniques and different riding styles in a controlled environment. By addressing potential dangers proactively, riders are equipped to make split-second decisions when faced with similar situations on the road. Emphasis is placed on mastering slow-speed stability and maneuvering techniques, empowering riders to maintain full control of their motorcycles even in dense traffic conditions with multiple vehicles and pedestrians.

On-road portion

During practical on-road instruction, participants learn the importance of situational awareness and effective communication in group riding settings. Riders gain valuable experience navigating irregular road surfaces, challenging intersections, and diverse situations while enjoying a guided afternoon ride alongside fellow enthusiasts.

During the on-road portion of the Tune-Up course, participants also have the option to receive targeted preparation for their road test. By facilitating mock road tests, our instructors can provide invaluable feedback and guidance to ensure students who are preparing for examinations feel confident and well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Why choose us?

While many of our competitors adhere to curricula dating back to 1967, we prioritize modern-day challenges in rider training. Our curriculum, initially crafted in 2016, undergoes annual review to recognize the evolving landscape of traffic volumes, laws, road complexities, and motorcycle designs. As the only motorcycle school in Saskatchewan with instructors trained and qualified to teach this contemporary program, we take pride in offering cutting-edge instruction.

Miles Ahead Motorcycle Training boasts an expansive facility featuring one of Canada's most advanced track structures, designed specifically for motorcycle training. Our ample space and expert instructors enable us to offer multiple programs simultaneously, ensuring all riders, regardless of experience, receive personalized attention and sufficient practice time. From fundamental skills to advanced police competition drills, our setup accommodates riders of all levels, providing opportunities to push boundaries and enhance skills.

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