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Advanced Rider Training June 20-23

Advanced Handling Certification

Our Advanced Handling Training consist primarily of low speed and road speed manuvering exercises to develop your skill and confidence as a rider. You will learn how to effectively use low-speed torque for precision riding, obstacle evasion, emergency road speed breaking, how to raise a downed 800+ pound motorcycle and much more.

This program is a great first step to take your riding to a whole new level. The training is demand and a whole lot of fun.

Registration requirements:

  • A valid motorcycle endorsement
  • A DOT or Snell approved helmet
  • Heavy leather jacket
  • Full finger gloves
  • Boots that cover the ankle
  • Eye protection
  • Heavy Jeans
  • Long sleeve shirt 
  • Rain suit (optional)

Event Properties

Event Start Date Thu-Jun-20-2024
Event End Date Sun-Jun-23-2024
Location Town ‘n’ Country Mall


Type Price
Motorcycle Registrant(s) $800.00
Motorcycle Rental(s) $300.00

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